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barValid - The professional barcode scanner app

barValid is a professional barcode reader app, specialized for GS1 barcodes and therefore for decoding GS1 application identifiers.
When scanning a GS1 barcode (GS1-128, EAN-128, UCC-128, DataMatrix, QR Code), barValid automatically determines the code type and decodes all the included application identifiers (AI).
The build-in browsable GS1 application identifier database will give you the description and further information for each found GS1 AI.

reading application identifier from datamatrix code
qr code to windows

Our barcode reader app comes with an integrated feature to send the scanned barcode to a pc!
This means your smartphone becomes a wireless barcode reader for windows computers

You can use the barValid GS1 decoder engine to allow your own applications to interpret and work with GS1 structured barcodes!
Head over to the product page to learn about how easy you can start with our library

barValid GS1 decoder engine library

barValid offers additional features, like the creation of PDF reports for scanned barcodes with the possibility to add pictures to the report, an automatic article lookup of scanned barcodes on amazon and it offers also a powerful barcode data structure and content verification and validation tool:

check barcode and generate pdf report

This feature enables you to easily verify barcode data structures and their content along the supply chain!
Finally you can share your code structure definition (set of mandatory or not allowed AI inside a barcode) via barValid network with others!
This allows you to ask your suppliers to check the applied barcodes against conformity for you barcode data structure using barValid.

Learn more about barValid browsing the products feature overview or just start using our app right now!


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