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barValid tutorial: Share custom code structure online


So you have created your own custom barcode data structure definition (see How to create custom codestructures) and barValid is assisting you in checking whether scanned barcodes comply with your definition?

By sharing your barcode definition online you easily allow your work colleagues or partners to download and use your custom barcode data structure!


Follow these simple steps to upload a custom barcode data structures on barValid network:

  1. Install barValid - GS1 Barcode Checker & verifier on your smartphone
  2. You must be logged into barValid network with a valid account to publish and/or download barcode definitions! (see login tutorial)

  3. Launch the app and open the built-in codestructure editor, and open a codestructure screenshot of uploading a custom barcode data structure
  4. Tap the cloud symbol (A) to upload your barcode data structure to barValid network
  5. Congratulations! Your structure definition is now available to all users!

Follow these simple steps to download a barcode structure definition from barValid network:

  1. Launch the app, open the built-in codestructure editor and tap the cloud symbol (A): screenshot of access to barValid network barcode definition download
  2. This will open up the barValid network barcode structure definitions browser screenshot the barValid network browser
    1. Enter a search term to filter the list of available items
    2. Title of the barcode data structure
    3. Date of last modification to this code structure
    4. Username of the uploader
    5. An additional description of this barcode data structure

You have learned how to share custom code structures online over barValid network.
For any further question please contact us by mail

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