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barValid tutorial: Check the barcode content


In another tutorial we explain how to use barValid's custom code structure to check the structure of a barcode.
In this tutorial you will learn how to enlarge the checks from structural checks (presence or absence of an application identifier) to content checks.
This allows you to simple verify the content of any desired AI:


Follow these simple steps to start using barValid custom code structures to check the content of a barcode:

  1. Install barValid - GS1 Barcode Checker & verifier on your smartphone
  2. Launch the app and open the built-in codestructure editor screenshot of the main menu
  3. Start creating a new custom codestructure by pressing the plus button on the screen bottom
  4. Insert a name and a brief description of your new codestructure screenshot of the new codestructure screen
  5. Content checks are available for mandatory application identifiers, therefore start by assigning a new rule screenshot of the new codestructure rule editor screen
    1. Select a GS1 application identifier and mark it as "AI mandatory"
    2. In the lower part of the screen the section "Content Check" will become active. The operator "No Check" is selected by default, meaning that only the presence of the application identifier will be checked, but not the content
    3. Select an operator. Depending on the datatype of the application identifer, different operators are offered
      • alphanumeric: equals, contains
      • numeric: equals, lower than, higher than
      • date: equals, Younger than N units (future), Younger than N units (past), Older than N units (future), Older than N units (past), Younger than fix date, Older than fix date
    4. According to your operator selection you may also select the type of units (Day, Week, Month, ...) and input the desired value for the content check
    5. Save your new rule
  6. You have assigned now a new rule and you could start now using to scan barcodes and check them against your codestructure. screenshot of the new codestructure screen with a new rule
    • The scanned barcode must contain the application identifier AI10
    • The application identifier AI10 must contain the value "KW16"
    • The scanned barcode must contain the application identifier AI15
    • The application identifier AI15 must contain a date, not farer away than 30 days in the future

You have learned how to create your own custom codestructures and check the barcodes content.
For any further question please contact us by mail

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